VITALIN INTERNATIONAL is a growing global supplier in food ingredients and chemicals by providing integrated solutions. VITALIN does much more than supply goods. We move markets forward. We manage supply chains for both chemical manufacturers and consumers with market experience approximately 23 years in spite of established at March 2020.

Founder of Vitalin International has been inside food and chemical markets since 1997 He has worked at chemical manufacturers, global distributor and global trading companies about 23 years. He stayed at China about 2 years. So, we know food ingredients and chemical sources and markets very well. VITALIN International operates supply network with locations at Turkey, India and China. We will be at EU market shortly.



Connecting manufacturers and consumers in a value-adding partnership.

Supporting both our principles and customers depending on Win-Win business model.

Having long-standing experience in China and India as main two source of the World in food ingredients and chemicals. Moreover, Turkey is also one of important sources in food ingredients and chemicals.

Providing consumer-oriented solution with quality products and quality supply service to keep sustainability globally.

Capable of providing full commercial & technical support and after –sale service as well as we have great network with many suppliers throughout the world to reach any product shortly.

We strive to set the industry benchmark for social responsibility.


Quality products and quality service with cost advantage.

23 years experiences at global markets and very familiar with chemicals sources.

Quality product guaranteed. Quality service guaranteed.

We are committed to better solution.

Reinforce your quality with us.